Vegetable Lasagna

A unique dish that has a ton of flavor. It's a must try if you haven't had it before.

Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese

A classic dish to warm your heart. Everybody has their own Ragu, but ours is the best.


Is there anythng better than meat and cheese? Try are fresh antipasti and pair it with a delecious glass of wine.

Watch how our fresh handmade pasta is made.

Press Play

Cheese Platters

Try our delecious cheeses and meats.

Fresh Daily

All of our food is made daily so it's always fresh.

Romantic Dinner

Bring your date for a romantic dinner that they will never forget.

Delecious Wine

Our vast assorment of exported wine will keep the savviest of wine enthuisits happy.

Nenad stanisavljevic

Managing Director

Nikky Dodchai

Owner/Interior Designer

Andrea Fiano

Head Chef


Assistant Chef

Muai Khampeera

Head Mixologist